SSMB - Marching Band

                                                      Band Camp 2010 is here! 

The Sacramento State Marching Band is a really awesome marching band.  Based in Sacramento California.  The band is one of California's largest marching bands and they are proud to be one of the state's best marching bands.  The SSMB is also involved in hosting band camps for a lot of junior high and high schools throughout the state of California.  They hope to enjoy your school's presence and keep up the good playing. is also looking for good flute and trumpet players for an upcoming event to be held in Oakland.  So check back soon to register your band for camp or please visit Sacramento State.


What to Look for in a Commercial Carpet  

 Businesses have to look at carpet from a different angle than homeowners do. As a business owner, it is really important to be practical when picking out your flooring. You do not want to look tacky, but at the same time, you don’t want to spend too much either. When a homeowner buys carpeting, he is looking for something that is going to fit in the house well. It should also be very comfortable to the touch, relatively affordable, and something that is going to last awhile. Most commercial carpeting is mainly for aesthetics. Commercial carpets are usually much thinner, and they last much longer. They are also very cheap. All of these added benefits come at the cost of one thing, the feel of the carpet.

When you buy a commercial carpet, it is important to make sure that it has a shorter pile. The higher the pile is the quicker the carpet will become dirty and wear out. Short pile rugs last longer because they are much easier to keep clean. The carpet fibers are also harder to wear away because they of how dense they are packed together.  One of the added benefits of a short pile is the reduction in cost. Thicker carpets just cost more money to make. Any good commercial carpet will last a very long time, be easy to maintain, and be extremely cheap.

Cheap Carpet
Shaw Carpet
Anderson Tuftex Carpet
Phenix Carpet 

While you are looking around for carpeting for your business, it is a good idea to look for places that sell in bulk. It looks good when the carpet is the same throughout your business, and most places that sell large amounts of carpeting at once are willing to give out great discounts. Buying in bulk is one of the best ways to lower your flooring costs. If you can afford it, it might even be a good idea to buy extra carpeting to replace out any worn areas later on. Certain high traffic areas are going to wear out faster than the low traffic parts of the building, and it is nice to have extra carpeting to replace those areas when you have to.

Mohawk Carpet
Mohawk Carpet Tile
Discount Carpet
Wholesale Carpet Tile
Wholesale Carpet Clearance

It is always a good practice to shop around before deciding on any particular type of carpet, but at the commercial level, it is vital. When you are buying huge quantities of flooring at once finding a better deal can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. 


Pinnacle Flooring
Mannington Hardwood Flooring
Armstrong Luxury Vinyl
LM Flooring


Luxury Vinyl Flooring has taken over the industry.  With the increase of technology, LVT and LVP have easily overcome the market place of the laminate industry.  Now that a more waterproof, pet proof product has become available, manufacturers have now come up with WPC (wood, plastic, composite) and even and SPC.  The beginning of what was a more usable vinyl product has turned the flooring industry upside down.  Shaw has come out with uits Pantheon HD Plus, producing high quality visuals, and Mohawk has now innovated itself with the Solidtech lines.  Commercial friendly and waterproof, its a wonder that hardwood flooring even has a chance.


Armstrong Architectural Remnants
Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank

Bruce Flooring Prices
Armstrong Flooring Prices  


You have six more floorings to choose from which include the two styles of floating floors. All of the above flooring will look stunning in your home or place of business whether your d├ęcor is contemporary, country or another style. The hardwood flooring will only beautify your home.

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