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The Benefits of Choosing Cork Flooring


Cork flooring has become a very popular choice for many reasons. One of the main advantages of choosing this type of flooring is it is both healthy and safe. It can also be installed in any room of your home and is easy to maintain.


Harris Luxury Vinyl Cork



There are many benefits that come along with choosing cork flooring. First, cork is both comfortable and soft. This makes walking on it easy because it isn’t hard on your feet, knees or legs. This is because the air trapped inside the cellular structure of cork provides a natural shock absorbing feel to the floor. That is why this type of flooring works well in rooms like the kitchen where standing is frequent. Here it will help provide relief to both your back and legs.


Wicanders Cork Personality


 Wicanders Cork


Another benefit of choosing cork flooring is its attractiveness. Cork has a natural beauty and comes in many colors. Various manufacturers also provide many tile shapes and patterns to go along with the natural beauty of cork.


Wicanders Cork Series 100 Tile


Cork flooring is also noise reducing. The same cellular structure that makes the floor comfortable also reduces noise. Cork is quiet, unlike other types of flooring and reduces impact and the noise of objects dropping onto the floor or people walking.


Wicanders Cork Personality


Cork is also both healthy and safe. Cork has natural properties that make it anti-allergenic and insect resistant. Cork also will not rot when wet for a long period of time. This also makes it a very attractive option over other types of flooring that will either buckle or become stiff when left wet.


Wicanders Cork Originals

Wicanders Cork Series 1000 Tile


You can choose to install cork flooring in any room of your home but there will probably be areas where it is more practical than others. As mentioned above. Cork flooring can be installed in the kitchen to reduce the stressed often cause when standing on other harder types of flooring. It can also be a great choice in other rooms such as a game room where people are more apt to stand for longer periods of time. You may also choose to have it installed in highly trafficked areas where a good deal of walking will take place.


All in all there are many benefits of choosing cork flooring. It is also a cost-effective choice which also makes it appealing. If you are looking for a type of floor that is all-natural, affordable and will provide you many useful advantages, cork flooring just may be the right choice for you and your home.


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The Importance of a Good Carpet Padding  

While the carpet is the most important factor when laying down carpeting in a new room, many do not realize how important the carpet pad is as well. A good carpet padding can make or break your new carpet. It affects how the carpet feels and how long the carpet lasts as well. The carpet pad is the barrier between your carpet and the hard floor underneath. Without that barrier, your carpet will be much more uncomfortable, and will wear out faster.

The first thing that people notice when stepping on a carpet with good padding is how it feels. It will be much softer to the touch, and it’s not going to make your feet sore like an unpadded carpet would. There is no point in buying an expensive carpet, if the carpet pad doesn’t support it well enough for it to be comfortable.

Tuftex Carpet
Mohawk Carpet
Shaw Carpet Tile
Phenix Carpet

A good carpet pad also protects your carpet from any damage done by your furniture. As heavy furniture sits on a carpet, it will crush the pile down permanently to a certain extent. With a padded carpet, the crushing is barely noticeable, but with an unpadded carpet it can easily be spotted. This isn’t a big deal if you plan on keeping all of your furniture in the same spot all the time, but most people like to move their furniture around once and awhile. As soon as your furniture is out of place you will be able to see the spots on the carpet. A carpet pad absorbs the weight of the furniture. Because it compresses with the carpet it will not pinch the carpet like a hard floor does. Carpet pads become increasingly important in an office environment where chairs are constantly rolling around the floor. Without a carpet pad the carpet would be squished down in a matter of months.

Mohawk Carpet Tile
Cheap Carpet Tiles
Mohawk Charged
Carpet Tiles
Discount Carpet

Carpet padding also helps to keep the carpet nice and quiet when people walk over it, and it will extend the life of a carpet drastically. When the carpet rubs on the hard wooden surface underneath it slowly wears away. While you won’t notice the carpet wearing away right away, after a while it will become obvious.

Make sure to get a highly rated carpet pad laid down before installing any carpeting in your home. You won’t regret the extra money spent on high quality padding, it is worth every penny.

Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

  Hardwood flooring is a great way to add warmth and charm to a home. The most popular flooring solution on the market today, hardwood flooring also adds to the resale value of your home. If you are interested in a hardwood flooring solution, try Mullican Hardwoods, a world leader in quality hardwood flooring.

Mullican Mount Castle
Mullican Chatelaine Hickory Saddle

Mullican combines precision milling with advanced kiln-drying techniques and the most demanding inspectors available. Lumber is selected from the Appalachian Mountains in the eastern portion of the United States. This area is known for its prime, slow growing hardwoods. After the lumber is separated by species, it is taken to one of four locations, either in Virginia, West Virginia, New York, or Johnson City, Tennessee. Each location uses state-of-the art machinery to manufacture the best quality flooring available. From start to finish, all prefinished and unfinished solid flooring materials are produced in the United States. Each piece is pre-dressed to a uniform thickness and stacked. Then the wood is slow dried to maximize the stability and minimize the movement of the wood during warm and cold weather. The wood is separated into stacks placed every 12 inches and is straight-line ripped to remove any side bend. Each piece is automatically checked by an in-line moisture meter to ensure the stability of the wood. Mullican Flooring uses the most efficient process to kiln dry wood.

Armstrong Rigid Core
Waterproof Flooring
Mannington Adura

The hardsurface flooring industry is slowly evolving from real wood and laminate to a more affordable more durable type of flooring, luxury vinyl.  From Armnstrong to Mannington, to Southwind, every manufacturer is jumpin on board to fill their warehouses with waterproof flooring.


On-site experienced professional graders ensure that each piece of wood complies with rigorous standards. Both the milling quality and the grade of Mullican flooring are consistently high. Other specialists ensure that the moisture content and milling is in line with Mullican’s unmatched quality and precision. Their processes are the reason why experts say Mullican Flooring is easy to install and trouble-free. This saves on labor, waste and call backs, which customers greatly appreciate.

Triangulo Brazilian Cherry
Triangulo Brazilian Pecan
Triangulo Engineered Flooring

                Every 3/4 –inch solid flooring plank carries the Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc. verified sustainable seal. Their oak, maple and hickory products come from a renewable supply of raw materials . Foresters ensure that good forestry practices are implemented and maintained so that there will be plenty of forests available for future generations. Because of their rigorous standards, Mullican Flooring is now recognized as an industry leader in the creation of green building products. Builders and architects can be assured that Mullican products will assist them in meeting Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) requirements.

Armstrong Woodland Relics
Armstrong American Scrape

Mullican was the first American hardwood floor manufacturer to produce a solid domestic floor that was certified FSC 100% PURE. All four manufacturing plants hold FSC chain-of-custody designations. All entities in the Mullican supply chain, from the Appalachian forestlands to the distributors, hold FSC certification credentials and meet FSC standards. This helps architects and builders meet specific “green” standards, which help them on LEED projects.

                Mullican works to promote environmentally and socially responsible forest management around the world. In 2007, the US Forest Service released data for the Appalachian Mountains, the source of Mullican’s lumber, which indicated that 2.29 new trees were growing for every one that dies or is harvested. Mullican has become the first domestic hardwood producer to promote Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc. (AHMI) timber. When you buy Mullican hardwoods, you are buying from among the best America has to offer in wood flooring.