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Maintenance of Hardwood Flooring in the White House – Secret Tips

                So, your hardwood flooring has been installed and you are ready to start cleaning and caring for the floor.  There are several precautions you should take when cleaning your floor.  The flooring could come with several manufacturer warranty do’s and don’ts when it comes to your floor, or the particular flooring you have could need extra care. 

                Rule #1 of hardwood flooring is always; always, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the type of product to use on your floors.  If something ever was to happen to the floor an inspector will be sent out to your property to check the flooring, and they will begin to research what type of flooring cleaner was used on the floor.  If you use a product not recommended by the manufacturer and it causes damage to the floor the claim on the flooring will more than likely be denied by the inspector, and you could be out thousands of dollars.  So, always make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and cautions on how to properly clean the floor.

                There are several care and cleaning tips you should do and not do when taking care of your new floor. First, never use a damp mop on the flooring, water and hardwood are not a good mix so be sure to keep the two separate.  Secondly, vacuum your floor regularly to keep dirt and grit from getting into the cracks of your flooring, once this gets down into the cracks it is virtually impossible to get it out. Thirdly, you should never wax the flooring, especially if it has a polyurethane finish.  Another important rule is to always clean up spills immediately to keep them from damaging the floor.  Lastly, never use any kind of cleaner with oil soap, which can damage the finish of your floor and give it a dull look.

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                Maintenance of your new hardwood flooring will be extremely easy.  Usually a by-product to having hardwood flooring is the cleaning process because it is usually simple, but as stressed earlier be sure to use the directions and caring instructions for your floor to keep from causing damage and breaking your warranty. Most importantly enjoy the floors for many years to come!

For more information on hand scraped flooring or exotic hardwood flooring care and maintenance please visit this news article from the White House.