Earl: I should not be banned as a consumer advocate because I eventually own a car dealership. I totally divorce my “car seller persona” from most of my consumer advocate rolls. My book, Confessions of a Recovering Car Dealer, my weekly blog, my weekly column for Hometown News, my constant speaking tours at open public libraries, Kiwanis, and Rotary Clubs, Condo Associations, academic institutions, churches, synagogues, and my previous radio show. I ever point out my car dealership and rarely, when I do, it’s only when asked or even to give full disclosure.

I never, ever try to sell anybody a Toyota while I wear my consumer advocate hat. The press widely allows my consumer advocate move. Week I appeared as a consumer advocate on national TV Lost, ABC News regarding unethical and illegal car practices by car dealers. Over time I’ve been quoted and appeared in any variety of national medium…CNN, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Today US News, and World Report USA, The Geraldo Rivera Show, as well as local TV and radio. You say “there’s a difference between an investigative reporter and a personality that own a business”.

I totally acknowledge, one difference is that an investigative reporter who also offers owned and controlled a business for 46 years knows a lot more about this business than an investigative reporter who never sold an automobile. That’s why is me unique because I know where “all the physical systems are buried”.

In fact, I buried a few of those systems myself and hence my book…”Confessions of a Recovering Car Dealer”. “I’ve been there and done that” and that’s why unethical dealers fear me so. If I wasn’t telling the truth, can you clarify why, over seven years, not one single car dealer has sued me for slander? Furthermore, my dealership is a model of ethics and integrity among car dealerships.

For all five components of food-related lifestyle, at least the known level of weak ethnic comparability was obtained. However, the analysis also pointed at certain scale items which had to be improved. The first research allowed us to recognize 21 valid scales cross-culturally. We then improved the items based on the results of the previous analysis and loaded with new items so that 21 scales had 3 items.

In addition, conversations with users of the device led us to add two additional scales for abstract product features, freshness, and tastiness namely. We then went into the first full-scale application of the instrument, in its application with a representative random sample. The populace was thought as persons of ages 16 and above, who have the primary responsibility for buying food and preparing meals in the household. A representative sample of 1000 respondents was obtained with a random-route process. Data collection was carried out by personal interviews.

In order to test from what degree the structure in the German data is comparable with the framework in the info from the first research, confirmatory factor analysis was conducted with the new data. Except for the construct usage situations it is not possible to impose a whole data structure on the new data, because new items were developed for the German test. For the new items, only the loading design could be specified.

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Shopping scripts. The model fit is suitable for both minimum and weak ethnic comparability, after which there’s a drop for all those three actions of fit. One item has been added to this construct in comparison to study me; analysis of model fit without this item will not change the result. Higher-order product attributes. Again both minimal and vulnerable ethnic comparability can be accepted.

From this level, the model fit drops significantly, and RMR can’t be computed due to failed admissibility test. Because of this build 10 new items were developed, and the deletion of some of these can improve model fit. Meal preparation scripts. Here the values of the RMR are somewhat greater than for both prior constructs, while the two other steps are a comparable. Based on the procedures of GFI and X2, this construct also fulfill the requirements for minimum and weak cultural comparability.

Usage situations. This build has the best model fit at the minimum and weak social comparability levels with respect to GFI, and with respect to X2 at the fragile ethnic comparability level also. This is, as mentioned, the only construct that is completely identical to the first study. Desired consequences. The results claim that only minimal cultural comparability can be accepted here, thanks to a considerable drop/jump in both X2 and RMR following this known level. When you compare the results from tables 1 and 2, it needs to be considered that the tables 2 represents a much more powerful test.

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