What is page load time? Page insert time is the full total time from the moment the user clicks on a link to your web page until the time the whole page is packed and displayed in a browser. There may be several known reasons for slow webpage loading. The first thing you should do is to analyze your present web page velocity.

This allows you to track your improvement and ensure that any changes you make favorably improves your page fill performance. Various free online tools are for sale to this purpose. Pingdom is an easy-to-use site rate test examines all parts of a web page. Page Speed Online from Google, analyzes the content of a website, then generates recommendations to make that page faster.

Web Page Test is another good tool that shows you the velocity and performance of your website in different browsers. Which Loads Faster teaches you page loading comparisons between two sites. I would recommend to check the launching time both for your blog homepage and the post page. It is because the page swiftness of homepage and the post web page can vary greatly a lot in some instances due to widgets and plugins only installed for the post page. I’ve shown the most typical practices below that may surely increase your blog’s loading speed.

Remember, speed marketing is not just a onetime process. You have to keep the velocity factor in mind every-time you write a fresh article on your site. The template or theme you choose can make a big difference. Many bloggers make the mistake of choosing a free theme. Every blogger should go for premium themes.

Premium styles are more carefully coded and optimized than free ones. Its not about choosing the paid themes always, its about deciding on the best and very well coded theme. A free of charge theme can do wonders for your blog if it’s nicely coded. Every single whitespace takes up one byte. One disadvantage of compressing code or getting rid of space is it becomes too difficult if you need to edit the code later. So I would advice to have a back-up of the code and then compress it.

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Some bloggers have a habit to fill up your blog space with extra plugins or widgets because they think it will make their blog look cool. Actually the coolest blog design is one which is simple and aesthetically satisfying. Avoid needless plugins. The less plugins you have on your site, less time it requires to download.

Remove any extra widgets and plugins you’re using on your site, that are not necessary. Only use plugins which are really necessary for your site. Hosting plays an important role in your blog’s loading speed. You should review your host because it can make much difference. Shared enviroment can decelerate load times. If you cannot afford dedicated host at least don’t go free of charge hosting. Majority of the free web hosting have poor uptime rate and comparing to paid hosting they are extremely slow. A website without image would make your webpage damn fast but it’s extremely hard to avoid images on your website.

A good illustration on your website not just makes you website look elegant, it can help the visitors to understand the content quickly also. Use the appropriate extendable for your images. 1. JPEG format should be utilized for images with lots of details and colors like practical images. 2. GIF format is perfect for images with few colors like logos & clip-arts. 3. PNG should be used if you want high quality transparent images.

PNG is the right choice for images with text, webcomics, graphs or images having more white space. You can compress images to a smaller size without loss in image quality with various online tools and software. You can use Adobe Photoshop to help make the Image Size Smaller and remove the unwanted white space. Social networking control keys take so enough time to load, and can decrease your blog down really. Displaying several buttons might be okay, but if you would like to show all the buttons, I’d suggest you utilize images instead like I’ve used (see besides blog logo).

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