Most earlier studies of the topic have adopted a strategy of selecting a sample of women business owners and then questioning them on the experience with their own business(es). Although financing is observed as a major problem frequently, previous studies have problems with the lack of a “control” group-a matching band of male business owners with whom to compare encounters.

Furthermore, previous studies have tended to ask the respondent if she is convinced that she was treated any differently because she was a female, a leading question which could bias the conclusions. The findings described in this study are based on a complete of 3,217 business principals’ responses to a national survey. To be able to separate the consequences of ownership patterns from potential gender bias, it was essential to focus on the result of the gender of the owners by holding constant those factors which provide substitute explanations of the aggregate results.

This was achieved by creating benchmark subsamples of man respondents by matching women respondents with male respondents on the basis of age, size, industry, development rate, and the business form of the businesses. When this was done, one area was recognized where statistically significant gender-related differences remained: that of collateral requirements for a credit line.

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The difference in the guarantee required of women and men owners is an important difference. Collateral requirements were recognized as a significant concern by a higher proportion of most survey respondents; in truth, collateral requirements seem to be the major banking-related concern of small businesses. The line of credit is viewed to be essential to the growth and survival, yet a lesser percentage of women owners than men owners of record having a line of credit. Thus, it appears that development of the banking relationship-including the establishment of the line of credit-has proven more difficult for girls than for men.

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