You might be wandering around the web to consider that one person or company that can make a change to your existing website or who are able to create a exclusively designed new beautiful website for your business. Whether you want to have it simple or you want to buy to be thrilling, Responsive Design (RWD)can meet any necessity that you need.

It’s either I am going to meet any of your criteria or I will exceed your expectations. I use twitter bootstrap css framework for rwd also. I am a Freelance WEBSITE DESIGN COMPANY in India with many years of technical background and good background in designing best websites in the world. I am passionate and serious with my chosen field making me successful in providing only high quality services to my very long time clients.

As I mentioned on my set of Blog Design Dos & Don’ts, mobile responsiveness is imperative. Genesis has many mobile reactive child styles to choose from. Update: ONCE I originally wrote this post, mobile reactive themes were just being launched. However, as of 2017, most themes available are designed with mobile responsiveness in mind, but it’s always a good idea to make sure. There are many Genesis child designs to choose from plus they constantly adding more. You can purchase the child styles individually or you can purchase the Pro Plus All-Theme Package which gives you access to all Genesis child themes (excludes third party designs) at an enormous discount.

Tip: If you buy a person theme, you’ll pay for the Genesis Theme Framework as well as your chosen child theme collectively. If you decide to buy a different child theme down the road, you do not need to buy the Genesis Theme Framework again, only the new child theme. In addition, with Genesis, you’ll get built-in SEO, great coding, swiftness and more.

There’s a helpful info web page here. Which child theme if you undertake? The options are overpowering. First, make sure you choose a theme that’s mobile responsive. You’ll find the Genesis child designs here. Browse through the selection and find a few that stick out to you. My biggest suggestion when choosing a style is to look at night images, fonts and colors. Instead, choose a theme with a layout you like.

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In other words, concentrate on the elements on the web page (sidebars, main content column, header, footer, etc.), their size and where they can be found. Overlooking the colors and styles is difficult to do for most of us because these are the things that quickly capture our eye. But they should be initially overlooked. Styles, like colors, fonts, background images and similar elements are much simpler to change and require less coding than moving elements in one part of the page to some other.

Here’s a straightforward, although imperfect, analogy to better explain the need for elements over style. Pretend you opting for a new winter coat. Better to choose one that fits your body than one with fancy trimmings rather. You can add fancy trimmings later if you’d like easily, but it’s much more complicated to alter the fit of a coat.

Another mistake is to choose (or not choose) a kid theme based on its name. For example, the Foodie Pro theme is lovely and incredibly well-liked by food bloggers. However, it can work equally well if you’re not just a food blogger. Likewise, the writer Pro theme isn’t just for authors. Again, go through the layout of the design. Tip: Sketch out a simple design of your desired design on a piece of paper before you begin looking at child designs. Use other sites as motivation.

What do you want it to look like on the screen? Where do you want things located? Your sketch doesn’t have to be elegant or even terribly complete. Once you have a rough idea of where you want what to go, scroll through the child styles and discover ones that match your sketch best. Another thing to bear in mind is if and how you will monetize your site.

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