Though starting a small business can be a rewarding experience at any stage of life, retirement is perhaps one of the very most ideal intervals to go after a venture of your own. And since Americans 65 and old will be self-employed than adults of any other age group, according to the U.S.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, should you choose decide to kick off a business as a senior, you will be in good company. Of course, starting a business is not without risk, and to achieve success at it, you will have to go ahead with a good plan. Still, it’s a worthwhile move to pursue in pension and here’s why.

IMAGE SOURCE: GETTY IMAGES. Running out of money in retirement is the best concern, especially considering that so many seniors get into their fantastic years prepared inadequately. 163,577 in savings, according to the Economic Policy Institute. To be fair Now, this data is a few years old, and it generally does not account for assets outside a retirement plan, such as a home that can be sold. Still, it speaks to a general dependence on retirees to boost their income, and a little business can perform that very goal. One major benefit of being retired is finally having the right time to do the things you want to do.

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But while having loads of time on your hands can be considered a positive thing, it can also come to drain your nest egg quickly. Consider it: All those theater visits, museum outings, and early-bird dinners can really accumulate if you aren’t careful. The beauty of starting a little business in retirement, therefore, is that it gives you ways to occupy your time and effort without actually extra cash you ought to be leaving alone in your assets. It isn’t always easy to go from a full-time work schedule to abruptly having no framework whatsoever.

This especially is true if you’re the type who likes to work and keeping busy. In fact, relating to research from the Institute of Economic Affairs, pension increases the likelihood of suffering from clinical major depression by 40% and far of that comes down to not having an objective or fulfilling means of occupying one’s time. Starting a business in pension, therefore, can help ensure that you don’t succumb to mental medical issues like so many seniors do.

But it’s not only your mental health you’ll protect. Starting a business might help keep you more physically active, thereby preserving your current health and saving you just a little money on healthcare to boot. Another thing to consider is that your business might serve as an important interpersonal outlet at a time in your life that can normally be isolating. Season In a study by Rand Corp. published last, seniors who retired and then went back again to their jobs did so because they skipped their former colleagues more than for just about any other reason. By running a business, you’ll get to meet and connect to new people, thereby curbing emotions of loneliness that might usually start making. Not everyone gets the personality, work ethic, and drive to successfully start a business. But if you are believed by you have what it takes, then know that retirement might be time for you to get the venture you’ve always dreamed of off the ground.

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