Download the entire report for a restricted time – no form, direct click to PDF. A very important factor that is very difficult to quantify in BI initiatives is the effectiveness of the information produced. Frankly, your key concern should be ascertaining a qualitative understanding of decisions made out of BI. To be certain, there’s a dramatic difference between justifying conferences with BI insights and actually taking action consequently of the information. If you split the nut on measuring that, let us know.

In the meantime it’s food for thought. Financials (income, working margins, shareholder value, etc.). All other things being similar, an organization with superior analytics ought to exhibit superior financial performance at the level of revenue and profits. Over the long term, the effect of running a more efficient, intelligent, and data-driven business should show up in underneath the line. Has overall corporate and business performance improved in step with business cleverness initiatives? How well can we assess the contribution of BI to better decisions and strategies? Search for evidence that the BI strategy is making the business more valuable.

If the data is not there, reconsider both the data and the models used by the BI platform. Remember, Top Performers track whether decision makers are, in truth, using the BI. A system that’s not being utilized will achieve its meant results never. Employees ought to be more productive when they do not have to waste time compiling reports or searching for information that is currently readily available through the BI platform. The effect should be measurable, at least for knowledge workers and targeted categories of customer service and functions employees. Certainly, you can measure productivity on specific tasks.

Pick a few benchmarks, such as compiling a report that is due by the end of each month, and put a stopwatch in it. Be sure to measure the total results before and after BI initiatives. Time spent can be quantified by salary and multiplied by resources involved. This shape is often quite compelling when aggregated internationally over a number of years.

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Top Performers are 8 times more likely than Everyone Else to rank operating margins as a high three metric for calculating the success of BI. That’s an astounding difference and one which required exploration than the survey revealed on the surface further. Discussions with Top Performers revealed BI tools were frequently the only method of aggregating the disparate sources of information essential for operating margin analysis.

Operating margin is a way of measuring revenue minus adjustable costs. It shows what is left over for the business to pay set costs. The mere fact that BI tools were used to calculate this metric suggests that Top Performers are capable of correlating operational excellence to the insights produced from BI.

Number of energetic users. Just how many users have accounts on the BI platform, weighed against the penetration you would preferably like to see across the business? How many of these are regular users actually, indicating that they find value in the given information provided? How frequently do they access the machine?

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