Journey – All food blogging articles will be tagged here. Story – Most of my thoughts, idea, etc, and motivation since I began blogging. When I started to design the site in WIX, I came across one great obstacle: There is absolutely no way to migrate all my posts to WIX. Unfortunately, WIX’s web editor is not so friendly towards people like me who are very used to dealing with code.

Even though blogspot provide the whole code of most blog posts that allow visitors to copy-paste into the other place but seems like WIX doesn’t like this. In short, I can’t migrate any content from blogspot to WIX without needing the manual way. I spent a great deal of time to copy-paste each blog content and uploads all images of my earlier blogspot posts and re-create each post in WIX.

This also gives me a chance to re-work on my old blog posts to include information that exists on the latest articles. So, I’ll keep my blogspot energetic for until further notice now. I shall have to migrate all my blog posts from blogspot to WIX. Until then, you will see no new food blogs.

In the near future, I would consider deactivating my blogspot and any future access to this web site will be redirected to my new website in WIX. But please feel absolve to suggest any food place that caught your attention and want some honest review on it. I appreciate all the views and remarks in blogspot so far really, although it’s not too much compare to other bloggers. Thank you for all your time for reading and provide the opportunity for this site to grow. Please, visit my new site in WIX for just about any future and previous blog posts. Do remember to look at the complete story section as well.

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