How many times have you heard someone say I wish we had this inside our town? What better way to start a business filling the needs of the local people. ONCE I was young we had a man come into our home town and open up a Ben Franklin Five and Dime Store. For anybody that isn’t old enough dollars stores use to be nickel and dime stores. Now this is Mr Sam’s third store in small towns in the Midwest.

This concept proved helpful properly for him and he began to add more stores in small towns. Today they call the stores Wal-Mart Supercenters. You merely never know how good a concept can be until you run with it. ONCE I was growing up, my children lost a neighbor who had a lawn-mower roll over him when he fell off.

It seemed so simple to me at the time that all you had to do was put a pressure switch under the chair. When someone stood in the mower would shut down. Well now it is a federal government law that garden tractors and riding mowers have this type of device. How many people saw the same thing I did so and did nothing.

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But someone achieved it and hold a patent for it now. How many ideas perhaps you have said the answer was to simple for? Advertising costs are high. Most advertising is ineffective at best and impossible to measure totally. What would local businesses pay to have someone to promote them? Be creative, flyers maybe but make it more personable. Take the flyers into neighborhoods and knock on doors and hand out the flyers to the home owners. Get permission to stand at a corner in the mornings offering flyers to the people on the path to work. Make it fascinating and fun, create a hype for an area business.

A small town newspapers may charge one thousand dollars for an advertisement. For a portion of this you can give them more of a presence in a single day and the traffic can be measured. Find 5 businesses that can pay you to promote them each day weekly and pay you a fourth of what the newspaper billed.

Makes a great living and you merely work a few hours each day. Most small cities have nobody to offer an online presence on their behalf. Write articles similar to this that promote their business. Get a group of business owners and promote a nearby stores collectively at the same time. Tank a blog site and present reviews to local businesses and sell advertising on your blog.

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