In an earlier post I discussed the necessity to sometimes innovate the business model canvas itself to spell it out or discover new business models and introduced a Co-Creation Business Model Canvas as example. In this post I shall introduce another variety targeted at the Key Companions. Remember that these alternatives do not change the core concepts or the language of Business Model Generation as introduced by Osterwalder and Pigneur (2010) nor do they replace the basic template. They are seen by me as complementary; they can be used to highlight different value creation approaches when needed.

The Partnering Business Model Canvas is extended with the activities, resources and cost structure of the Key Partners. I adapted the template as shown in the figure below. In addition, there is also the option to also add partner romantic relationships and channels if this is necessary. However, this might inflate the canvas too much, which makes it less easy to comprehend and communicate. I see two reasons for the use of this alternative canvas. Firstly, in a few business models the business network is very prominent and some of the key resources are owned by the companions or a few of the main element activities are performed by partners.

In particular in business models where in fact the core organization handles the customer associations and coordinates the worthiness creation but is not so much mixed up in supply chain. Secondly, the (out)sourcing decision is often a very important decision in the business model influencing creating and recording value (e.g. IMB outsourced the PC operating-system to Microsoft). By causing the activities and sources of providers more explicit, it becomes more prominent what would be the specific activities and resources of providers that could or should (not) be outsourced.

  • They keep themselves distinct from employees
  • Develop Social Awareness
  • Banks/lenders could offer to open a small line of credit with some collateral
  • Experience developing and creating build pipelines (TeamCity, Jenkins, Octopus)
  • Advertising, campaigns and marketing supervisor
  • Collaborate with Instagram influencers

Now you understand about the huge benefits. Let’s talk truth of starting a greeting cards business. 400 each day without doing something to reach that goal. I will tell you that it’s possible to make that much money though if you work. If you’re searching for a turnkey, get rich quickly miracle, this greeting card business opportunity isn’t it. Go buy a lottery pray and ticket that your amounts win big.

The the truth is though, if you shall stay consistent and build up your greeting card clients, you can certainly do extremely well at this home business. It is explained by me like building an apartment building. It takes time to build but once you start renting out rooms you come into a flood of money each and every month. There are a lot of people who don’t take time to educate themselves about this business, and those are the ones who neglect to generate hardly any money and continue spinning their wheels until they finally give up out of disappointment.

It is so important to truly have a coach to be there and walk you through the process of building an effective greeting card business. Some marketers will tell only half the storyplot – others will blatantly lay (or maybe they just mislead because they don’t know very well what they’re talking about).

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