One year back, I was sitting down in a healthcare facility where we’d just remained the night. The team of doctors emerged in and said the words. MRI. Vanishing white matter. Leukodystrophy. Terminal. No treatment. Ian was at work. After a few months of no answers, he’d remained in the hospital room that morning hours sure that it might be another day of no answers.

= $ =p> he was inspired by me. Now, I could not believe I was getting that given information without any help. Alone. No broad shoulders to cry into. No strength to trim into. No eye to look into but Charlotte’s. Maybe other folks thought she could be dying. Maybe it was easy to look from the exterior in and think the news would be grim. Maybe I’m dumb, too “surface,” too positive, too cheerleader-y, too rose-colored glasses.

But maybe I’m just a mom who saw a perfect little girl and acquired all the wish in the world that all would be alright. I have learned how to displace it with a new one. you can make the difference of a lifetime, I have found that. Thank you for allowing me to vent some stream-of-consciousness emotions this evening. An essential evening in our family. Lochlan (nearly 14 months) started really walking tonight. Thank you Lock for choosing such a special day that people will remember, buddy.

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Not her mistake at all, but my first reaction is to get upset, I didn’t fortunately. Poor gal just couldn’t keep it. I understood that she was seated on the Hello Kitty slippers immediately! And of course, they were wet too. At this true point, I could feel my own body heating up and heart rate rising.

I experienced no choice but to just hoist her out of the cart, no shoes, baby in one arm, a bag on my shoulder, and walk her to the bathroom. The germ concern at this point goes out the hinged door. Just looking to survive here. She actually is helped by me escape the wet clothes, have her finish going pee, and all of this while baby and bag remain in my own arms.

I carry both girls to the cart, since Stela is bare bummed at this point. Place the bag and baby in, wrap Stela in a blanket and sit her back the cart. Then, split the peed on stuff from the miraculously dried-out stuff. Collect my emotions and thoughts, choose the dang slippers, and get outta there!

So, after I loaded the girls in the car, determined we were looking for lunch. I noticed Chick fil A on my way there and decide that, that’s what I was craving. We got excited for a few yummy poultry nuggets and going over. We arrive to the positioning, take Stela out, take the baby out, put on jackets, shoes (they get taken off while I’m traveling) and start walking toward the building when, I notice the ginormous “JUST AROUND THE CORNER” sign. I stood there for a good while just, didn’t know if I would weep or what.

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