This blog was started on 07 Jan 2007 to research on companies listing on the Mainboard and Catalist. The initial idea was to truly have a placeholder to record my own thoughts on whether I will subscribe for the stocks of the IPO companies. Over the full year, this blog managed to attract investors, investors, brokers, and punters who are willing to read about the independent but super-biased views of Mr. IPO on if they should subscribe for those IPOs.

Mr. IPO’s Facebook web page presently has more than 6,500 followers and whenever there’s a popular IPO, your blog draws in more than 25,000 unique guests easily. The traffic really depends upon whether there is live IPO and the statistics can be seen by you here. How Mr. IPO can help listing aspirants? Mr. IPO would like to help companies to list on SGX and Catalist gain public recognition. Many IPO aspirants are too small or too new and local investors are not sure of them. Tap on Mr. IPO’s intensive network and resources to find institutional investors or the minimal quantity of shareholders required.

Who should contact Mr. IPO? Mr. IPO shall continue steadily to do his typical write up on all IPO companies. His chili ratings will still be independent but super-biased, and he will continue to be transparent in his shareholdings (if any). His ratings will never be affected by whether he received any payment for the articles.

Please, do not contact Mr. IPO if you think his chili ratings can be bought. Those who believe that the chili ratings can be bought may want to visit the moist market instead. He will not let the credibility he has built up through the years to go down the drain painstakingly. Please, leave a contact number so that he can call to go over over the phone or arrange to meet for a cup of coffee to discuss ways in which he can be helpful.

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  1. India must improve supply, which means shifting from consumption to investment
  2. Mortgage loan interest
  3. Most people experienced guaranteed pensions, not voluntary, you make investments, 401Ks, or nothing
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Very important has been the capability to maintain close relationships with both girls, and today, the grandchildren that have come along. To have most of us living within 40 minutes of each other affects each folks in positive ways. It’s been great to see the grandchildren in a position to experience the blessing of interacting with two pieces of grandparents on a regular basis.

Another key decision happened very early in our marriage. My wife and I decided to live by three simple financial rules. We would always live beneath our means, we would not follow common intelligence as it put on our investments, and we’d value encounters over things. I’ve written several articles about this direction for our financial life jointly. As we have relocated from our early years together, through the increasing childhood stage, to unfilled nest, and today retirement those financial decisions have proven crucial to our balance and enjoyment of our life jointly. The decisions I made were right for me personally at that right time. If my circumstances had been different some of those options might have been different.

But, this is the amazing thing about life. All of us are different. At least to a degree the chance is had by us to shape and re-shape our life constantly. Each morning exciting That makes waking up. What will the day hold and how can I form it? What will happen, which makes this a satisfying retirement? OK, your change. Look on an integral decision or two in your life back. In the event that you had them do once more would you? Did your alternatives prove to be good ones? If not, what did you do to put the errors behind you?

The advantage of this marketing method is that it will cost you nothing up front. You’ll pay each site owner a share of the sale price of the course or look upon sale. With affiliate participation from many weblogs and websites, you’ll have income rolling in from multiple sources. And you have it all up and running once, there’ll be no additional focus on your part-unless you want to generate another book or online course. They are just several aggressive income strategies that can create additional income to aid your FIRE stock portfolio. With any project in life that’s worthy of pursuing, there are both pros and cons.

On the Pro-part, it’s a major advantage to reach a spot in life where you’re working for the fun of it, and not to earn a living. There’s the advantage of having fewer financial concerns as well. You’ll alwayshave money worries, no matter how much you have. However when you reach the real point of financial self-reliance, the day-to-day tensions have died largely.

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