Payot have developed a series for dermatological care products specially for combination and oily skin. You can find 5 products in this series. One of it being Expert points noirs which clogged and clear skin pores. This pore exfoliator tackles blackheads in 3 steps: Deeply cleanses skin, clears clogged pores, and tightens pores.

PAYOT advice: Apply morning and night locally or around a make-up free, well-developed and cleansed face before skincare cream. Avoid all connection with eyes. During sunlight exposure, combine with suitable sun protection. Chilean mint remove Regulates seborrhea. Prevents from inflammations which lead to cutaneous defects. Limits and settings sebum surplus.

Zinc Extract Limits sebaceous secretion and normalizes sebum level. Glycolic acidity 3% Delivers a deep peeling action to clear clogged pores. Rose fruit draw out: an astringent action. Regulates the skin’s keratinization process. Reduces the unattractive appearance of dilated pores, in addition to smoothing and refining skin texture. Tightens skin pores and refines pores and skin texture. Is the box Here? It is for mixture skin or oily skin so it won’t suits dry skin type. Gleam list of other products in this range in many languages-Korean, English, Mandarin, French, jaws and other vocabulary that I can’t recognize.

Here is the list of ingredient: the primary ingredients is drinking water, followed by AHA and alcohol. Payot Expert Points Noris comes in the form of a green tube. The tube has a spiral kind of cap such that it will avoid spillage even if with going. The Payot Expert Noirs is soothing and smell of botanical ingredients.

It is not overpowering. Sorry for the photo “after 3 weeks” photos. The camera just refuse to focus when I already trying to take just one picture for 1 hour. The clear transparent gel absorbs into my skin fast leaving a matte complexion. It doesn’t stink if you don’t have open wounds (popped pimples). Do use it with moisturizer because or else it will be drying to the skin.

It makes my epidermis smoother and more balance. After utilizing it for approximately 3 weeks, it sure does make my pores look smaller and there are no blackheads when it is being used by me. For your information, this contains AHA so do not use it with products that contain retinol or retinoid at the same time. I believe it works great along with clay mask as my skin has lesser pores problem with the combination of skincare products. Products retails at RM150 30ml in a tube. For more information, please visit Payot formal website and Payot Facebook. Product is not sponsored. The views portrayed are my own and honest as always here.

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  3. Hairspray (strength with respect to the width of your fringe/bangs)
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  6. One of the techniques for maintaining the moisture in the area air is using humidifier
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I didn’t have any residual makeup to eliminate from the day before, therefore I used Pond’s Cold Cream as a moisturizer before applying my makeup, rather than performing a pre-makeup cleanse. The cream felt nice worn underneath my makeup and my skin felt sufficiently moisturized. Although after a couple of sticktails, it was even more infuriating trying to scrape the cotton wool scraps from my face, while getting rid of my makeup at home. Day On the final, The dryness was noticed by me that experienced formed at the top of my cheeks experienced starting to develop downwards, encompassing more of my cheeks.

Although I wasn’t a large fan of that which was taking place to my cheeks, I did like the way the rest of my skin was feeling and looking. I had been relieved to have just one more night left of feeling around my face and neck for cotton wool fibers. How Did A 1950s Skin Care Routine Work For Me?

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