A lot of people voice opposition to wall space. Funny. There is a wall structure on the Dow Jones Industrial’s graph. Yeah, I understand. Readers of my blog are surprised that Dow 24k cannot be breached. Again, as previous NBA star Dikembe Mutombo used to prevent shots close to the basket, the Government Reserve will the same in stocks certainly.

Specifically, they are currently defending the Dow 24k line with great force and dedication. Check my previous blog posts for the DML (Dikembe Mutombo Line) origination. Fundamentally, there are explanations why investors would be selling stocks right now. Since President Trump’s election, there has been an unabated (early 2018 not included and today irrelevant) push higher peaking at, as I estimated in previous articles, at Dow 26k (Actually 26800 – the Fed was just revealing). You will find few reasons to buy apart from Donald J. Trump is the existing POTUS. That in January, the Democrats will again seize control of the US House of Staff Everybody knows.

Their single-minded mendacity will be fond of the POTUS and by description or ‘representation’ the american citizenry. Absent the tens of trillions of stimulus money thrown at the economy and zero-percent interest rates throughout the preponderance of President Obama’s term, the currency markets indices would surely have led a path to depression. We should expect mayhem and chaos to ensue upon arrival of the Democrats, socialists, the Marxists, and communists. Yes, the Democratic party is definitely inclusive.

Anyone that hates America and Americans is pleasant. Will the Republicans have the ability to stop the Democrats? I hardly think so. The Republicans can’t get into the House Chamber because they are outside pulling on the door marked ‘Push’. So, the trouble could be in store for investors seeking returns in stocks. But ultimately, the Fed will save us all. ” All of that action is from 5 dominant waves of shopping for or selling during the period of just four days.

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Note the 3 x on this graph that the DML was challenged led to an instantaneous barrage of shopping for. Who buys this market when it’s diving other than central bankers and other manipulators? How important does the DML look on an extended term chart? Chart 2 below is a look at the Dow Jones Industrial average since right before the 2018 election. Stock prices reacted positively to the election of Chief executive Trump Obviously.

It may have done so experienced Ms. Clinton was the Victor. The marketplaces do what they are wished by the Given to do. The important thing though is in which to stay the short moment. Why is the Dow 24k level (the DML) so important? One only must see Chart 2 for a visible as to monitoring the most crucial factor driving stock prices. That, of course, is central banker support.

Like most vermin, a path is remaining by them. I drew a line along the 24k DML. It shall not be reached! Disclaimer: The views discussed in this article are solely the opinion of the writer and have been shown for educational purposes. They are not meant to serve as individual investment advice and really should not be taken as such. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell anything. Readers should consult their registered financial representative to determine the suitability of any investment strategies undertaken or implemented.

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