When you have cystic acne, it could be heartbreaking trying to find a foundation that covers it up. But fortunately there is certainly one item on the marketplace that is being hailed as a magic product by the beauty community. One beauty blogger demonstrated the impressive results when she distributed a video to Instagram of her covering her face with the building blocks.

In the video it is clear how well the merchandise manages to cover the acne and redness of her pores and skin. This isn’t the very first time a woman has shown off the building blocks either, as previously skin positivity blogger Abbie Bulls distributed a before and picture of the way the product completely protected her red blemishes as well.

In her before and after photos Abbie used the Makeup Revolution foundation, concealer, and their banana-natural powder for a flawless complexion. Her photos showed the way the affordable foundation will keep the appearance of cystic acne away, while revealing a brand-new, dewy complexion. Share 25 shares If you are dealing with a stubborn breakout and feel more confident concealing it a full-coverage base is the thing you need.

Unfortunately some formulas can in fact draw focus on blemishes rather than actually hiding them. The Conceal and Define Foundation has been made to offer lightweight yet buildable coverage and thanks to the fact it comes in skin-true shades it suits every skin type and tone. With an oil-free yet creamy and comfortable formula that dries to a long-lasting down, semi-matte finish, it won’t settle into fine lines or cling to dried out patches,’ the merchandise information reads on Priceline. It is strongly recommended that customers swipe it to the pores and skin and then blend out to ramp up the coverage to create a ‘real skin’ surface finish that diffuses blemishes and uneven skin tone.

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If you are not after full dental coverage plans and would much rather let your tone glow through then it is recommended that you utilize a little amount with a damp beauty sponge for veil-like coverage. It cloaks your acne with coverage and stay put on your skin so you won’t have to reapply during the day.

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