In this post I will concentrate on the pre-Assessment Centre stage and competency and specialized interviews during the Assessment Centre. You are given a lengthy software relatively. The certain areas to fill include your basic details, department you are applying for, education, language skills, computer skills, and further curricular activities. You will also be given an area to edit to answer competency questions such as “What makes you applying to our company?” and “Why have you chosen your selected role?”.

Once successful in online software, you shall take online numerical and verbal reasoning assessments. You can practice SHL’s trial tests here. Another real way to get ready for these lab tests is to do GMAT exams. Although GMAT tests aren’t strictly relevant, they remain helpful to improve your relevant skills. The idea of a phone interview is to reduce the number of applicants to manageable levels. Hence, if you make through this stage, you will see that subsequent face-to-face interviews repeat some of the questions. The interview can last 30-40mins. The focus of the interview will be on competency-based questions around your inspiration to become listed on the firm and about how you would react to a variety of work difficulties.

Competency centered interview will focus on your intangible skills and your motivation for your selected role. You will be asked questions related to your background as well. The interview can last from 45mins up to one hour. I shall reference Trading role, but most of the questions apply to Risk Management roles as well. Can you tell me about the teams you are a member?

What is your role? When were you last included? Tell me about a time when you made a concerted effort to make a significant contribution to a team. That which was your contribution? What issues did you face? Tell me in regards to a time if you are most pleased with where you generated a sense of real team heart amongst a group. What was the problem? What did you do specifically? How did it effect on the team’s performance?

  • Liens or judgments against you
  • Establishing an independent Climate Change Commission
  • Cost of the eye it pays on its debris
  • GDP and the environment (Does GDP OVERstate or UNDERstate financial well-being?)
  • Consent of auditors and legal advisors
  • 2009-2010 Revised Estimates
  • May reveal if money is being held offshore
  • Material transactions between your buyer and the investee

Tell me in regards to a time when you had more work to do than time to complete it. How do you prioritize? Tell me in regards to a time when you have done something with limited guidance. How did you manage it? Give me a good example of where you set a challenging goal to develop yourself and find out something new. Explain the right time when you yourself have confronted a significant setback when trying to accomplish a particular goal. Give me a good example of when you thought “beyond your box” to build up a fresh idea?

How many ping pong balls fit into Boeing 737? What are the main element issues facing the industry we are in? What do you read to stay current with key industry styles? Why would you like to work in Trading? What draws in you to it? What products interest you? Do you have a preference for a particular product? What did you do to discover whether the role suits you? What challenges do you think the Trading profession is facing?

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