This archived information tale is available limited to your personal, non-commercial use. Information in the story may be outdated or superseded by more information. Reading or replaying the storyplot in its archived form will not constitute a republication of the story. NY (CNN )- We all desire to easy, hassle-free flights, but luggage goes a long way toward snarling the experience.

What we do with our luggage is the main topic of much in-aisle and online gnashing of teeth. To check on or keep on? 25 and three extra pairs of shoes (and the possible rerouting of said shoes) or risk shoulder dislocation with an overhead hoist and the tragic loss of leg room for an outlandishly large “personal item”? Weighing in with this debate are two CNN Travel staffers. We also want to hear your rationale.

Please post your reasons for checking or having on suitcases in the form below. Raised in Northern Ireland and located in London, Maureen O’Hare has been on 13 short-haul European flights in the last yr — most on Ryanair but one on the Douglas C-53 which got part in the D-Day landings.

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She enjoys in-flight G&Ts and obtaining a row to herself. Hey, you, stuffing your lorgnette and gramophone into your leather trunk: Notice how we can carry our entire lives inside our pockets these days? Our libraries of music and books, our wallets and notebooks: They can fit in a single device. We’re no more steaming across oceans to create out with our manservants on the Grand Tour.

Ever since Robert Plath switched up the game by inventing the wheelie suitcase in 1987, baggage in addition has been evolving based on the needs of the modern voyager. People are before journeying more than ever. Our skies contain planes and our airports are congested. Know the upside of most this globalization that is homogenizing metropolitan areas from Bangkok to Baltimore? You can purchase what you need at the destination.

It turns out other places have stores and laundry services too. Check-in enthusiasts will complain that social people who bring carry-on suitcases cause delays when boarding and disembarking. Maybe they’re projecting their own lack of organization (why think about what you need when you can throw everything in?), but it surely doesn’t take long to lift and get. The real villains are those individuals standing up and hustling to log off a long time before the doorways start, like sentient anxiety attacks. Going carry-on will require more planning.

You need to check your airline’s baggage allowance beforehand — Ryanair changed its rules twice in 2018 — and make sure your bag fits certain requirements. You need to make difficult strip and decisions down non-essentials. As the liquid rules are tough, shampoo and body wash will be available at your hotel. The only real heartbreaker is suncream: 100 ml tubes — even several overpriced, overpackaged 100 ml tubes — just won’t cut it for a week’s vacation.

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