Whitening Sun stop consists of UV filters such as Titanium Dioxide and Benzopheneone-3 that filters out both UVA & UVB. It contains Leukocyte draw out & place components – Lemon extract also, Licorice draw out, Cucumber extract, Mulberry Root extract known for effective whitening actions and UV safety. It’s been reported a mixture of Leukocyte extract with whitening agents possesses enhanced effect and performs superior to similar preparations that do not contain leukocyte extract.

You will certainly love this dual-effect Sun block that saves you time & money. An oil-free light-textured colored sun stop that prevents off harmful UVA & UVB rays and gives your face an all natural tone. Enriched with Lemon, Licorice, Mulberry, and Cucumber Root Extracts, their mixed and whitening effects are excellent. It also contains squalane and many other beneficial elements such as lecithin, chamomile, kiwi & green tea extracts. Squalane comes from Spanish olive pits, which is a strong skin conditioning agent & emollient, a botanical exact carbon copy of squalene derived from shark liver.

Every day, apply it lightly on well cleansed & toned epidermis. Gives your skin layer a healthy glow & smoothness. This Oil- Free Moisturizer is creating to hold dampness and protect pores and skin against dehydration for a smooth & supple tone without adding oil or clogging pores. It contains algae remove, a non-comedongenic, hydrating, agent that defends skin from irritation. It also provides essential oligo elements and provides suppleness to epidermis.

The Moisturizer also includes teas, a rich way to obtain Bioflavonoid which includes anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well as strengthening capillaries and regulates its permeability. Bioflavonoid aids Vitamin C in keeping collagen and is essential for Vitamin C absorption and preventing Vitamin C damage. Deficiency of this may result in varicose veins and purplish spot on the real face. Only on well cleansed & toned skin Apply, day & night.

This highly concentrated Bio White Serum is developing with Leukocyte Extract, trade name Melawhite, which has lightened and unifying action on your skin, imparting transparency and glow to the tone thus. It is enriched with Lemon, Licorice, Cucumber, and Mulberry Root Extracts, their combines whitening effects are great. Day & night, apply on well cleansed & toned therapeutic massage and epidermis into epidermis until full absorption.

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It is light-textured & wonderful to steady onto the skin. Usually, it makes your skin layer a few shades in over 1-3 months. Whitening Mask consists of Arbutin, an all natural dual action whitening agent that protects skin against damages due to free radicals and is a very popular in Europe, Japan, and Asia because of its amazing whitening property. It stops the formation of pigment by inhibiting Tyrosinase activity. Further enhanced with licorice extract, another powerful pores, and skin-lightening agent that are anti-irritant as well. Used as depigmenting agent, licorice is really as effective as folic acid and 75 times far better than ascorbic acid.

This face mask also effectively purifies the superficial layers of the epidermis, stimulates the demo-functional system, hydrates, and enhances the flexibility of the skin. Or twice weekly Once, apply a slim layer of face mask on face & neck of the guitar, leave it for about 10-20 minutes and rinse off with water then. Tone your skin with appropriate toner. It does increase the fairness & clearness within 1-2 a few months on daily application.

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