You’ve noticed it before: Just because everyone else does it doesn’t suggest you should. And that adage applies to the existing stock sell-off, relating to financial advisors. Panicked selling will likely be a large mistake. That is because that decision will be based on feelings likely, according to Douglas Boneparth, founder and president of Bone Fide Wealth. Boneparth, an avowed financial planner, said. That advice comes as shares noticed the worst Christmas Eve sell-off in history on Monday.

And as the marketplace hovers near bear market place, more dramatic losses is to come. There are a few plain things to retain in the brain in this new market environment. With the currency markets for such a long time up, many have forgotten that volatility is normal. Also, carry marketplaces aren’t necessarily unusual. In fact, historically they have a tendency to happen once every 3 years, according to Scott Hanson, CFP, founder, and senior partner at Hanson McClain Advisors.

The view of stock prices shedding might be unwelcome. Yet, viewed it another real way, this can be a great time to buy. If you are regularly investing in your 401(k) or pension savings plan, you already are dollar-cost averaging, Boneparth said. Dollar-cost averaging is a technique whereby you make investments your cash at a set rate as time passes.

When markets are low, the money you regularly make investments buys more shares. That puts you able to do well when the markets recover. It’s a great time to revisit your investment portfolio and make sure it is aligned with your goals, said financial consultant Roger Ma, CFP and founder at Lifelaidout.

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Focus on your particular risk tolerance and time horizon, than the proceedings in the marketplaces rather, Ma said. It is a good notion, however, to check on every month or two to ensure your actual resources are still within 5 percent of your focus on allocation, Ma said. And if you want to sell to realign your profile with your goals, do it the same way you should when buying stocks and shares: gradually, over time. Also make sure to check that you are not overexposed to certain areas of the marketplace, said Diahann Lassus, a president and CFP of Lassus Wherley.

For example, U.S. Large cover stocks have done really well. But having too much of your investments devoted to that area can cause you to extra-vulnerable when they go down. If you’re committed to 20 different mutual funds Even, watch that you will be not overexposed to one particular area, Lassus said.

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