Society, I’m a unicorn. After all, I’ve verified nor refused this state never. I could be considered a majestic, magical creature that rides on rainbows. However in this particular case, I’m discussing the truth that I DON’T EXIST. Which, again, could be true. I’m a figment of all your imaginations Maaaybe. But but but. That’s not POSSIBLE. Should we sell it to science to be studied?

Should we protect it before it will go extinct completely? Should we laugh because this has to be a prank just? Society, if one is a writer, they must be an introvert. And guess what happens? I OBTAIN IT. Yep, I really do. The characteristics of an article writer do often tend to slim toward introverted features.

Society with this claim. It endlessly amuses me. If I’m here being real, the majority of the writers I understand are, in fact, introverts. The introverted writer is the more common variety Maybe. Great to focus on their heroes and worlds. Okay, with spending time alone into pouring over their writing. Fantastic observers of the world, which aids with writing good immensely, wholesome, real stories.

AWESOME thinkers. They have an excellent capability to think deeply about a subject and really dig into it. Plus they need a form of escapism to recharge, and writing is the BEST for that. If I’m being honest here, I very often envy the introverted mind. Like I said, they obverse the world so magnificently and deeply think so.

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And they can FOCUS and vanish in their worlds. Now, please, please, please, don’t think I’m looking to stereotype here! You might be an introvert and reading this thinking, “What the heck? I’m NOTHING like that! ” I know every person on the planet earth is different. So do please disagree beside me here! They are just things I’ve noticed from the many precious introverts I have in my life.

What I’m really getting at here’s: YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING WRITERS. And I envy your marvelous abilities! Because I have a confession: AS A EXTROVERTED WRITER IS HARD. For me personally anyway. And just why is that? I want to be DOING away. I want to maintain the world and with people all out. I don’t want to spend time locked in my room before the screen away. I’m my happiest when I’m constantly on the go, and about out, seeing other people. Or, when I’m home even, I wish to go out with my children. Expending hours holed up by myself editing?

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